7 Steps to Protect Your Farm and Your Workers During Harvest Season

Harvest season is in full swing in and around Oakdale, and with so much activity, the risk of accidents is also on the rise. Taking a few extra precautions now can pay off by helping you keep the cost of accidents and worker’s compensation claims low so you can enjoy more of the fruits of your labor.


  • No matter what the season, staying safe on the farm begins with regular review of safety protocol for workers in every stage of your operation. Reviewing regulations not only ensures your workers stay safer, but it also helps keep you in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Don’t make the mistake of thinking routine reviews of safety guidelines are just for new workers; even the most seasoned employees can benefit from a refresher, especially since regulations are frequently being updated.
  • Don’t forget to review operational guidelines as well. Whether you’re adding an entirely new piece of equipment or updating a similar existing piece of machinery, reviewing the operational manual can play a critical role in avoiding accidents. Reviews can be beneficial not just for those who operate the equipment, but for anyone on your farm who may come in contact with the machinery while it’s in use.
  • Make ample use of signage. View your farm with critical eyes, looking for areas where caution signs can provide a visual reminder for workers to be extra careful. Packing facilities, trucks and other machinery all should be properly labeled in visible locations.
  • The peak of harvest season also means more vehicles will be heading out on the roadways to travel from one field or location to another or to take the harvest to market. Review the rules of the road and make sure trucks and other vehicles are labeled for the benefit of workers as well as other drivers.
  • Harvest is also a time when machinery will be in high use. Make sure every piece of equipment is properly maintained and serviced for optimal, safe operation. Don’t forget to check guards and rollover devices to ensure they’re properly secured.
  • Review protocol associated with the proper use of respirators and other personal protective equipment, including eye wear and footwear. Make sure workers understand the risks of leaving these items behind when performing their tasks.
  • Finally, review your insurance coverage and perform an overall assessment of your operation to look for potential safety issues and have them corrected as soon as possible. Call Basi Insurance to review your policy and find out about other steps you can take to maximize your workers’ safety during harvest season and throughout the year.

Agriculture work is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. Don’t skimp when it comes to protecting your farm and your workers. Call Basi Insurance at 877-590-4826 to learn how you can run a safer operation and prevent dangerous and costly accidents.


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